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Our attorneys and legal assistants are here to help you through any legal situation in which you may find yourself. We are highly trained and not afraid of going into a courtroom to fight for you.


Retaliation Against Whistleblowers (When doing good costs you your job)

Retaliation Against Whistleblowers (When doing good costs you your job)

It is unlawful for an employer to retaliate against you If you complain about or object to illegal conduct of your employer. The principal New Jersey anti-whistle blowing law is the Conscientious Employee Protection Act, commonly called “CEPA.”  CEPA prohibits an employer from taking an adverse action against an employee who discloses, objects to, or refuses to […]

More NJ Sales Representatives Getting Commissions

Our last post explored the legal remedies available to independent sales representatives in New Jersey when a principal is reluctant to pay. But what happens when you’re not independent, but a direct employee who works on commission? The Sales Representative Protection Act doesn’t apply to you. The short answer is that you still have a remedy under the NJ Wage Payment Act, and possibly other remedies as well. While […]

Help for New Jersey Independent Sales Reps Getting Paid

If you are an independent sales representative who works on commission, you know the feeling of vulnerability that comes with waiting for a commission check to arrive. How many times have you heard of reps whose commissions have not been paid or have been reduced because the principal terminated the contract or changed the rules of the compensation game in mid-stream?

I come from a family of sales representatives, so this […]


There is no greater compliment that we can receive from our clients than a referral to a friend or loved one. The confidence that you show in our firm is all the motivation we require.

He answers my phone calls, he replies to my emails, he allows me to contribute suggestions and he has a desire to keep things efficient and simple. These are the basics of excellent customer service and Frank lives them every time we communicate. One more thing. He advises both employees and employers. Initially, I thought that would be a problem — in retrospect, I do believe Frank has a distinct advantage. He understands both sides — and whatever your needs may be, he is well positioned to understand the psyche of both parties. So critical when it comes to employment law.

He is fair, honest, straightforward and speaks in simple language, no legal mumbo-jumbo. He’s not your typical attorney. That’s why I like him. Frank is a normal, down-to-earth guy, whom I’ve known for 20 years. We got to know each other from a real estate deal. Then he was instrumental in helping me with business situations and contract problems. Frank is extremely helpful and he has always been there for me. Frank is very sharp in his knowledge of the law. He gives good advice. In addition, he’s considerate of his clients and provides excellent service. He’s not just out there to make a buck.

Usually, when you need a lawyer, you’ve got a problem. I was very depressed about my situation. Frank was able to see it for what it was and came up with a number of options. One panned out very well, which relieved me of a great deal of stress and anxiety. I had not had much experience with lawyers. In fact, this was the first time I had to defend myself in this way. Frank was very adept at dealing with the legal issues and, almost as important, he took the burden off of me. Frank was very comforting. I certainly refer friends and colleagues to Frank.

C.B., A Large Financial Institution

I would like to say thanks for your help in negotiating my settlement agreement.  You must know that this was a challenging episode in my life.  And I appreciated both your objectivity and compassion.


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