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If you’re a reader of the thriller genre of novels you’ll recognize Brad Thor as one of our very best contemporary writers.  My son just sent me this article by Mr. Thor on his advice for aspiring writers. His thoughts apply to to all of us, not just writers, whether just starting out in business, jump starting a stalled career, recovering from a job loss, or restarting in an entirely new business venture.

Some highlights: 

All that matters is that you write. You must put words on paper (or on a screen) every day and keep moving forward.

Give yourself permission to write a crummy first draft.  [I love this one – there’s so much truth in it.]

If you feel that calling, don’t wait. Sit down and begin. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In other words, to make your business dreams a reality, get out there and do.  It’s the doers who carry the world forward.  Even if your efforts start out less than perfectly, they will get better if you set your mind to it.  Something for all of us to think about on a Tuesday morning.

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