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Rastafarian Won’t Lose Dreadlocks, Loses Employment Opportunity, Loses Case

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Words have meanings, and sometimes imprecision in the use of a word can affect substantive legal rights.  In illustration of this principle, from Chicago comes the tale of Lord Osunfarian Xodus.  The case is Xodus v. Wackenhut.  A Rastafarian who wears dreadlocks, Xodus applied for a job as a security guard with Wackenhut Corporation.  At [...]

Religious Discrimination – 3rd Circuit Looks at a Jewish Community Center

By |2017-02-02T17:51:42+00:00October 1st, 2007|Categories: Religious Discrimination|

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently found a Jewish Community Center to be a "religious organization" that was "exempted from compliance with the religious discrimination provisions of Title VII by Section 702 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964."  The case is Leboon v. Lancaster Jewish Community Center Association.  The issue of the status of [...]

“Dirty Jew” Slur Is Not Discriminatory

By |2007-02-26T15:19:50+00:00February 26th, 2007|Categories: Religious Discrimination|

The New Jersey courts recently revisited the question whether offensive language in the workplace violates the Law Against Discrimination.  In Taylor v. Metzger, the best-known example of such conduct, the Supreme Court held that a single instance of referring to an African-American worker as a "jungle bunny" created a hostile work environment.  Now, in Cutler v. Dorn,  the Appellate Division has [...]

Religious Discrimination: Of Course You Get Sundays Off . . . Don’t You?

By |2006-04-25T22:16:12+00:00April 25th, 2006|Categories: Religious Discrimination, Title VII|

This is a tale from New York, not New Jersey, but Garden State employers should pay attention. Bradley Baker was employed by Home Depot. He was a full-time employee who worked 40 hours per week and received full benefits. Through religious instruction that he obtained before getting married, he became more strictly observant of his [...]