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NJ Deptartment of Labor Announces 2011 Weekly Benefits

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The NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development [LDW] has announced maximum weekly Unemployment Insurance and Workers' Compensation benefits for 2011.  Details here. In light of the economy, I suppose that it should come as no surprise that benefits have decreased for the first time in 40 years.  Surprising or not, it's still a bit of [...]

Horseplay at Work – Do Businesses Need to Be Concerned?

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Here's an interesting question that arose in Delaware which came to our attention through Francis Pileggi at the Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation Blog.  It's slightly off topic, but you don't often see facts like this, so the story is worth telling. Injuries to employees that occur at work are usually subject to the exclusive [...]

Workers’ Compensation: One Toke Over the Causation Line?

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Maybe the lifestyle in South Dakota really is more laid-back than here in the high-pressure East.  Thomas VanSteenwyck worked for Baumgartner Trees and Landscaping as a laborer and landscaper.  He was a regular marijuana smoker for many years.  He didn't smoke on the job, but relaxed with the evil weed after work and in the evenings. [...]

Workers Comp Benefits for Being Drunk & Tired

By |2006-08-07T17:06:15+00:00August 7th, 2006|Categories: Workers Comp|

Tlumac v. High Bridge Stone is an interesting case from the New Jersey Supreme Court. It deals with the availability of workers compensation benefits for a truck driver who had been drinking, but for separate reasons may have been tired. He drove off the side of a highway, was injured, and applied for workers comp [...]