Here’s an article from (I think that’s the Reno Gazette-Journal) that deals with two of my firm’s practice areas, employment law and sports law.

The short story: a female soccer coach at the University of Nevada-Reno, was fired.  She sued, claiming that her termination was in retaliation for her reporting of possible Title IX and NCAA rule violations, and sexual harassment.  The university defended on the basis that the coach was (a) an employee at will and thus subject to termination at any time, and (b) was a source of continuing turmoil in the athletic department.

Shortly before a scheduled trial the court granted the university’s motion to dismiss the complaint.  This came after 4 days of oral argument.  Four days!!!!  When was the last time that you heard of four days of oral argument on anything, maybe short of a dispositive motion in a class action antitrust case?  But I digress.

After a thorough airing of the issues the court granted the defense motion and the case came to a screeching halt.  Now the university is threatening to seek from its former coach reimbursement of a half million dollars in legal fees.  I plead ignorance on the specifics of Nevada law, but in most places such a motion would go down in flames in short order.  Let’s hope that it doesn’t take four days of argument to get a decision.