Labor Secretary Solis has announced that she will hire 250 new wage and hour investigators to hold business’s feet to the fire to comply with minimum wage and overtime laws.  The text of her statement is here.

The Secretary specifically referenced a new study that details many alleged deficiencies in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.  That study can be found here.  It has drawn criticism from some management lawyers.  We can’t comment on that as we have not read the whole thing.  Secretary Solis apparently has, and she’s relying upon it.

So where will the regulatory hammer fall?  Probably on smaller businesses which, according to the study, violate the FLSA more than big businesses.  At a time when small and medium sized businesses are already suffering from the economy, that is not welcome news.

Perhaps there’s one bit of solace — or at least an opportunity to vent — for NJ businesses, though.  The NJ Minimum Wage Advisory Council is soliciting the thoughts of the public on the adequacy of the minimum wage, currently $7.25 per hour.  Submit your comments, if you care to, by November 9.