My “hometown” of Morristown NJ has jumped on the bandwagon of NJ municipalities that require by ordinance that private sector employers provide employees with paid sick leave.  (I put hometown in scare quotes because during my high school through law school years I lived in an adjoining town but had a Morristown mailing address.  It’s a beautiful and historic area that has grown into a commercial hub, and yes, in many ways I still think of it as home even though I’ve lived elsewhere for decades.)

On September 13, 2016 Morristown adopted ordinance O-35-2016 which contains the new requirements that are being imposed upon business resident within the Town of Morristown.  Contact me at if you would like a copy.  Since it was recently enacted it’s not easy to find.

Who is covered by the ordinance?  “Employees” are defined as anyone who works in the Town or Morristown for 80 or more hours per year.  I am constrained to point out that the Town has exempted from this law any governmental entity, including itself, and construction union members who are covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

Paid sick time accrues annually at the rate of 1 hour per 30 worked. Employers with 10 or more employees must provide up to 40 hours of paid sick time per employee per year.  Employers with fewer than 10 employees must provide up to 24 hours. Accrued but unused paid sick time is not compensable upon termination of employment.

The ordinance contains the usual posting, recordkeeping and anti-retaliation requirements, along with penalties for violations.  This article from the National Law Review contains a somewhat more detailed summary.

If you run a business in Morristown, you ignore this new law at your peril.